Net Promoter Score®


Developing relationships with your customers is now more important than ever before.

Build a stronger bond

Today, there is so much competition vying for your consumer’s dollar. Net Promoter Score, or NPS®, is an industry standard feedback survey, designed to help companies measure and evaluate customer loyalty. The survey has a 1-10 rating scale for respondents to answer, and then asks why they gave that rating.

Our NPS® solution is fast, and effective, and delivers instant feedback in real-time.

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Premium Features

Choose from a range of premium features available for all Conversr clients:

  • Real-time reporting + campaign insights

  • Platform intelligence

  • Direct integrations

  • Campaign management

  • Solutions library

  • AI powered processing

  • Close loop design features

  • Human augmentation

  • Intelligent alerts

I don’t know anyone who likes calling a business. And no one wants to have to install a new app for every business or service that they interact with.
We think you should be able to message a business, in the same way you would message a friend.
— Mark Zuckerberg