Introducing AI-powered supporter engagement for Not For Profits

Fundraisers love to connect with every supporter in a personal way. It fuels loyalty, improves retention, and inspires generosity, but doing it on a large scale is largely expensive and time consuming up until now.

Solutions to automate nearly every conversation

Transforming your supporter relationships one conversation at a time, via proactive personalised conversations that save you time and money...oh and did we mention… deliver seriously great results!


Below you will find examples of the type of interactions that Conversr can have, powered by AI.

Account Update Example

Re-activation Example


With an unparalleled 98% read rate, SMS offers charities a hugely under-priced channel for attention. However traditionally, the channel has been used as a mechanism to spam supporters with asks, and as a result, has left some supporters with a bitter taste. We work closely with our clients to develop strategies to unlock the potential in the attention that the SMS channel provides.

Instead of spamming supporters, we leverage the channel, to develop one to one relationships on scale, and create amazing supporter experiences.

And it’s from these relationships that we are able to influence and drive desired behaviours— boosting fundraising, and fuelling donor retention.

Your opportunities

  • Help your peer to peer fundraisers raise more

  • Inspire lapsed peer to peer fundraisers to get involved again

  • Give your regular supporters more reasons to stay longer

  • Make sure your supporters feel more valued

How it works

We’ll deliver the project outline, advising precisely what solutions to implement, to who, and when to deploy. We’ll provide the data segmentation strategy, assist with content creation, craft the message copy. And last but not least we’ll empower you and your team, with guided training and assistance with campaign execution and management.

Step 1: Understand your business challenges

We’ll provide insights into why you may be missing out on the optimal value from your supporters and fundraising products. And where, in the journey, SMS can help you solve your challenges.

We will assess your data and supporter journeys to identify opportunities for:

  • Income growth

  • Supporter engagement and retention

  • Return on investment

  • Competitive advantages

Step 2: Understand your supporter needs

We’ll take the insights provided from Step 1 to help you craft your strategy. It will help answer what you can do for your supporters, and how you can productively engage them with your mission.

The conversations and content will be:

  • Natural and simple language

  • Compelling, to encourage supporters to engage and take action

  • Varied, appropriately, for each donor (ie. demographic categories, proximity to mission, type of transaction etc.)

  • Aligned with your brand, tone of voice, and values

Step 3: Deliver an exceptional conversational experience

We’ll provide strategic advice on how to best leverage the technology and how to configure it to help you get maximum results.


Case Study: National Breast Cancer Foundation

Many not-for-profits like NBCF face common challenges around connecting and motivating their donors and fundraisers. Getting them to answer an email is hard, and getting them to answer a phone call is even harder. So how do you build and nurture relationships with your supporters? Read our case study to learn how we generated 1414% ROI.


“As an organisation, we pride ourselves on being donor centric. We want each and every one of our supporters to feel like they are treated as individuals and not as a generic collective.

The implementation of the Conversr fundraiser journey allowed us to deepen engagement, and create an emotional connection on scale with our supporters in a way like never before.

This has resulted in an uplift in fundraising income that has surpassed any other channel before it.”

Lisa Mastoras
Head of Community Fundraising,
National Breast Cancer Foundation

Conversr Platform

Our powerful and intuitive platform lets you create logic and flow to help automate and engage your supporters.


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